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Simple design means people can find information easily. A website should be clean, with a few images and easy to read fonts. My goal is to make things so simple that even grandma can figure it out.

You will be able to do edits and updates yourself - that's quicker and doesn't cost you anything. Of course, I am here to answer your questions, and available to provide help as needed.

I work from my home office and don't have employees. I can, and do, charge much less than most. In my opinion, many web designers overcharge their clients and I'm happy to undercut them.

About Me

I started building my own websites in 1996. I loved it. Eventually, a friend asked me to build one for him. His site was successful, and soon other people asked for my help. Suddenly I was in business and have worked almost entirely from referrals since.

I've built websites for musicians, schools, authors, politicians, retail stores, plumbers, hvac installers, insurance companies, government agencies, and everything in between. Send me an email and maybe I can build a beautiful website for you.